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Wheel accessories including bearings, caster forks and more..
12 Spoke Rear Wheelchair Wheel Phat Jack

The Melrose Phat Jack lifts and holds the rear of your Rugby wheelchair off the ground allowing you to change wheels if you puncture during a game. Its simplicity and ease of use allows your assistant to provide you with super speedy wheel changes even if your assistant is a team mate. You simply roll the Phat Jack under the rear bar and push the handle down, the rear of the wheelchair stays up until you lift the handle back up.
24" Rear Wheel 5/16" Abec-9 Bearing

High quality ABEC precision bearing fits all 5/16" caster axles for your caster wheels. Used by sports people where there is high rpm use.
25" 12 Spoke Rear Wheelchair Wheel 1/2" SR82RS Stainless Steel Bearing

SR82RS Stainless Steel Bearing with rubber seals to keep out dust and dirt. These bearings fit all 1/2" rear wheel axles and caster fork stems.
3 Spoke Rear Wheel 5/8" R10RS Steel Bearing

R10RS Precision Steel Bearing with rubber seals to keep out dust and dirt. These bearings fit all 5/8" rear wheel axles as on the Spinergy SLX Red Hub 5/8 wheel and also some bariatric wheels.
Caster Forks
3 Spoke Rear Wheel 120mm Fork

These forks are for use with all standard type castors. They can be used on any standard wheelchair. They come anodised (black) and have four axle position holes on either side. They do not include the axle or stud, these can be found on the "Castor Forks" page.
3 Spoke Rear Wheel Micro Forks Adjustable

These adjustable micro forks have two axle position holes and are used with rollerblade type castors. They can be used on any standard wheelchair as well as the front castors on the Melrose Rhino offensive sports wheelchairs. They come in either raw (aluminium) or anodised (black). They do not include the axle or stud.
3 Spoke Rear Wheel Frog Legs Forks

Frog Legs caster forks are shock absorbers that replace your wheelchair's existing caster forks with shock absorbing hinges that absorb the impacts your casters encounter. They remove vibration in the frame of the chair and studies have shown that Frog Legs caster forks eliminate 76% of shaking and bouncing.

Your Frog Legs forks come in 2 sizes for different widths of casters; up to 1" and 1" up to 1 1/2". Choose your size below.

Your Frog Legs caster forks can be tuned to the wheelchairs usage or the users weight by changing the density of the shock absorbing polymers. These come in 3 different types; Soft (black), Medium (orange) and Firm (red). Choose your polymers below.
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